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Direct Part Marking - Industries & Applications

Industries served by Schmidt's part marking systems Medical Devices Aerospace Oil Field & Gas Automotive Marking Firearms

Our in-house design, engineering and manufacturing departments, backed by over 100 years of marking machine knowledge and expertise, means we can provide you with a custom integration solution to solve your part marking application needs.

Aerospace - Automotive - Construction - Dental - Farming - Firearms - Food Packaging - Gas Cylinders - Medical - Military - Oil Field & Gas - Solar Energy & Wind Power

Custom Marking Machine Applications:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Firearms
  • Gas Cylinders
  • Oil Field
  • Oil Field

laser marking Aerospace parts

Aerospace Laser Part Marking:

Traceability and accountability are critical aspects of manufacturing in the aircraft component and aerospace industry.



Marking Aerospace Parts - Custom Application:Custom Schmidt Laser Marking System

A manufacturer of aircraft components was looking for a part marking solution that would reduce their marking cycle time, improve operator safety and achieve reliable 2d part marking traceability of their parts.  The company previously relied on manual marking methods that included air pencil engraving, electrochemical marking and stamping with permanent inks.  Schmidt manufactured a custom Microlase laser marking system complete with an enclosure that included a rotary table, indexing fixtures and a tilting head for multiple parts that needed to be marked at unusual angles. 


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Marking Automotive Parts

Automotive 2d Part Marking:

Portability was required to meet the needs of an automotive manufacturer for their Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N.) marking application.


Automotive Custom Application:

Custom hand held Stinger lockable cartSchmidt customized two standard Styliner® portable dot peen marking systems by connecting both marking machines to one controller and incorporated them on a moveable lock cart to provide the portability and versatility required for this 2d part marking application. The marking system incorporates everything needed for the task, including air hose and power cable connections, that allows the customer to mark VIN numbers on the vehicle bodies anywhere in the assembly facility.


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Schmidt is an FFL licensed manufacturer for gun marking

Firearm Part Marking:

A manufacturer of firearms required human readable text and 2D data matrix symbols to be marked into their firearm receivers prior to assembly.



Custom Firearms Application:

Custom Styliner with reader and verifying for 2d data matrix

The requirement entailed identifying the receivers with minimum marking depths of .004" and reading and verifying the information provided within the 2D data matrix codes. To satisfy this challenging application, Schmidt Marking Systems designed and manufactured three Microlase® fiber laser marking systems and six Styliner® dot peen pin marking systems. These designs also had to incorporate custom automated fixturing for holding and locating the firearm receivers. These multifunction machines also included vision systems with part specific lighting arrangements and quick change, accurate part locating fixtures.

Schmidt is an FFL Licensed Manufacturer by the ATF, allowing us to process firearms for weapon identifying and gun marking requirements.


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Gas cylinder marked by Schmidt hydraulic roll marker

Aluminum Gas Cylinder Part Marking:

A manufacturer of high and low pressure aluminum compressed gas cylinders needed a safe, fast and quiet direct part marking solution.



Custom Gas Cylinder Application:

Custom hydraulic roll marking machine for gas cylindersThe cylinder manufacturer previously hand stamped resulting in a slow, inaccurate and noisy marking process.  They needed to mark directly on the cylinder, with five pieces of information — cylinder specifications, pressure rating, serial number, date of manufacture and the company’s name.  Schmidt solved their problem with a custom hydraulic roll marking machine that became integrated right into the production line.  Schmidt developed a system to accept the various cylinders after they are pressure tested. A special engineered device positions the cylinders in the roll marker and then re-positions them to continue down the line.


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Oilfield & Gas Equipment marking applications

Oil Field Part Marking:

Schmidt Marking Systems developed a one-of-a-kind adjustable, programmable, multi-head Styliner® pin marking station.


Custom Oil Field Application:

Custom Pin Marking - 3 Dot Peen marking heads, one drill bit

A manufacturer of oil drill rock bit cones was looking for a part marking solution that would increase their production rate and reduce operator physical labor. Schmidt met this challenge by integrating 3 of our Styliner® pin marking heads into one system capable of handling their wide range of part sizes. This custom machine also simultaneously placed individual marks in three different locations on each part.


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Oil Field Industry Part Marking:

Schmidt Marking Systems builds a custom Styliner® pin marking station to handle and mark multiple size oil field drill bits.


Custom Oil Field Application:

Custom Styliner pin marking system with multi positioning dial plateA manufacturer in the oil field industry wanted to be able to mark the tops of 5 different size diameter drill bits. Schmidt developed a multi-position locating dial plate to accomplish this task with custom software for automating the marking parameters. A standard Schmidt Styliner® pin marking head was modified to incorporate a programmable "Z" axis feature to accommodate any customer part height variance.



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