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Marking Oil Field & Gas Industry Equipment

Oil field and Gas Industry service manufacturers permanently mark parts for tracking and traceability


The manufacturing companies that service the oil field and gas industry have strict regulations regarding part tracking and product traceability. Schmidt designs and supplies the marking equipment to manufacturers of drill bits, tricone rock bits, line pipes, pumps, valves, and other drilling equipment and oil field components.


Part marking adds value for oil and gas producers and is a critical step in the equipment manufacturing process. Schmidt's marking machines mark automatic date codes, sequential serial numbers, manufacturing codes, part numbers, logos, or any identification marks on to your flat or round parts. Schmidt has custom designed many of its Styliner® pin marking systems to meet the marking application needs of oil field & gas industry manufacturers.

Oil & Gas Industry Applications:

Oil field and Gas Industry service manufacturers permanently mark parts for traceability and tracking.
  • Pipe Marking, Drill bit, Rock Bit Cones
  • Mfg Codes, Date Codes, Serialization
  • Product Mfg Tracking & Traceability
  • Portable Marking Systems for Pipe Marking
  • Custom Machines for multiple size drill bits
  • Logos, Graphics, or any Custom Marks

Schmidt marking machines used by the Oil Field and Gas Industry.

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A manufacturer of oil drill rock bit cones was looking for a part marking solution that would increase their production rate and reduce operator physical labor. Schmidt met this challenge by integrating 3 of our Styliner® pin marking heads into one system capable of handling their wide range of part sizes. This custom machine also simultaneously placed individual marks in three different locations on each part.

Multi-position marking machine for 5 different size diameter drill bits

A manufacturer in the oil field industry wanted to be able to mark the tops of 5 different size diameter drill bits. Schmidt developed a multi-position locating dial plate to accomplish this task with custom software for automating the marking parameters. A standard Schmidt Styliner® pin marking head was modified to incorporate a programmable "Z" axis feature to accommodate any customer part height variance.

Portable hand held marking systems for large parts to heavy to bring to a marking station

The Styliner® Stinger® and Super Stinger® are light weight hand held options that are great for marking large or heavy parts that are difficult to bring to a fixed bench top marking station. Our marking systems are capable of marking 2d barcodes, 2d data matrix, automatic date codes, sequential serial numbers, logos, or any identification marks on to your flat or round parts.


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