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Schmidt Marking Systems
is proudly certified

Schmidt is ISO 9001:2000 registered
ISO 9001:2000

Schmidt proudly licensed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
FFL License

Schmidt is registered with the US Defense Logistics Agency
U.S. Defense Agency

Marking Firearms, Guns & Weapon Identification

Schmidt is an ffl licensed manufacturer of marking equipment for engraving identification marks on rifles, pistols, shotguns, firearm barrels and other firearm components for ATF required information. Mark serial numbers, model names & numbers, manufacturer codes, city, state, caliber and gauge markings, as well as, logos, graphics or any other identifying marks on firearms and other ATF monitored weapons.


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Schmidt is an ffl licensed manufacturer, allowing us to work closely with the firearms industry regarding the handling and identifying of their firearm parts and weapons.

Firearms Marking Applications:

Schmidt can also manufacture tooling along with the marking system for gun components
  • ATF Guideline Compliant
  • Caliber, Gauge, Manufacturer Codes
  • Mark Serial numbers & Model numbers
  • Logos, Graphics, or any Custom Marks
  • 2d Data Matrix, Reading & Verifying
  • Serialization & Traceability Solutions

Schmidt's marking machines used by the Firearms Industry.

marking firearms, Schmidt uses dot peen to place 2d matrix and human readable on gunFirearm manufacturers are required by the ATF to meet strict marking identification guidelines for all guns, weapons and firearms manufactured in the United States. They often use 2d data matrix along with human readable marks to achieve compliance with ATF requirements. Schmidt's laser marking systems and dot peen marking systems have been the solution for many firearms manufacturers, as they can not only mark 2d data matrix, but can also be equipped with readers and verifiers and any required fixturing for holding and locating the firearms during the marking process. Schmidt has the in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities to completely customize any of our marking systems to perfectly fit your application needs.

FFL Certification: Schmidt is licensed by the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms)to process firearms for marking identification requirements. Geo T. Schmidt, Inc's federal firearms license number is 3-36-031-07-2F-02530 and the license type is 07.


Industries & Applications

Aerospace - Automotive - Construction - Dental - Farming - Firearms - Food Packaging - Gas Cylinders - Medical - Military - Oil Field & Gas - Solar Energy & Wind Power