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CNC Machining Services

Schmidt offers a high precision CNC machine shop

Schmidt now offers a high precision CNC machine shop in house

Schmidt has extended its capabilities to include a high precision contract CNC machine shop. In June of 2003, Schmidt acquired Precise Machine Company extending our services to include the high precision machining of instruments and component assemblies.

cnc machined parts by Precise
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Precise is a CNC leader specializing in the machining of electronic and medical PCB enclosures, heat sinks, aluminum castings and forgings. Precise provides custom solutions to the Aerospace, Medical, Military, and Commercial industries. Precise has the experience, expertise and capability to provide turn-key mechanical assembly solutions for your manufacturing needs, as well as, competitive pricing and delivery for all your production runs.


Service Support Capabilities

Precise also offers full service support capabilities of anodizing, painting, heat treating, laser marking and laser engraving, as well as, radiographic and penetrant inspection.

Competitive Pricing and Best Delivery

We have positioned ourselves to give you the most competitive pricing and best delivery for parts and assemblies, with production runs ranging from 10 to 500 pieces for single lot orders and 200 to 20,000 on annual blanket orders. Call us at 847-647-6126 to discuss your requirements.

For more information on Precise Machine Company, please call us at 847.368.1133 or visit our Precise web site at

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