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Adjusting the Table Spacing on the Model 4 and Model 6

Steps to repair a nameplate detail press machine

When adjusting the depth of mark on a Model 4 and Model 6, sometime table skipping can occur when you make a mark. This is common when a depth of mark adjustment is made by changing the capstan screw position.

Below are step by step instructions for adjusting the table spacing on the Model 4 and Model 6 presses.


Instructions: How to adjust table spacing on a nameplate detail press.

These instructions are also available as an Adobe reader document. Click this link to print and download instructions for adjusting the table spacing, as well as, adjusting for tag thickness and on removing and replacing the ram on Schmidt nameplate detail presses.


  • Steps 1- 5
  • Steps 6- 10
  • Steps 11 - 13

Adjusting the Table Spacing - Steps 1 - 5:

Removing the Ram part one step one 1. Unscrew the slotted screw in the center of the dial knob (45) and remove the character dial from machine.
Removing the Ram, part one, step two 2. Slide the table (5) all the way to the right.
Steps to repair a nameplate detail press machine 3. Remove the stop screw from the table slide (located at the upper left hand corner of table slide assembly 4-21-41).
Removing the ram, part one, step 4 4. While holding the table with your left hand, push in and hold the space button (2-24) and slide the table off the machine to the left.


5. Turn the depth adjustment screw (39-44) counter clockwise approximately five turns, then pull the operating handle (32-33) down until the shaft of the operating handle rests on the table slide assembly - leave the handle in this position throughout the following procedures.


Please continue to the next tab: Steps 6-10


Adjusting the Table Spacing - Steps 6 - 10:

6. Verify the adjustment of the pawl assembly in relation to the escapement wheel assembly.

Close up of the pawl during table spacing adjustment


If the machine is adjusted properly, the top of the pawl should be flush with the top of the flat gear on the escapement wheel assembly. You should be able to run a fingernail across the flat star burst gear and across the pawl assembly (see image left).



7. Turn machine upside down and locate the nut and screw on the bell crank (17).

8. Loosen the nut on the bell crank.

9. Turn the screw on the bell crank clockwise to adjust the pawl assembly downward to achieve flushness with the escapement wheel assembly or counter clockwise to raise pawl assembly until flush with escapement wheel assembly .

10. Tighten the nut on the bell crank once the adjustment is complete. Turn machine right side up.

Please continue to the next tab: Steps 11- 13


Adjusting the Table Spacing - Steps 11- 13:

11. Raise the operating handle and turn the depth adjustment screw clockwise until the operating handle can be pulled down no further than slightly above the 9 o'clock (horizontal) position.

12. Slide the table back onto the machine and replace the stop screw on the table slide assembly.

13. Install the character dial on the machine.

Important note!! - It is crucial that when making a mark with your Model 4 or 6, the operating handle should not be pulled down past the 9 o'clock (horizontal) position. The head of the depth adjustment screw (39-44) should hit the machine casting when the operating handle is pulled down to the 9 o'clock (horizontal) position. This will control the depth of mark and avoid bending the depth adjustment screw and breaking the ram.

For instructions on adjusting the press for tag thickness, please click here.