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2D Data Matrix and 2d Barcode Marking


Pin marking machine used to mark 2d matrix and number sequence in gun barrel.Schmidt manufactures industrial marking machines for 2d data matrix marking and product traceability.  Our Microlase® laser marking systems and Styliner® dot peen pin marking systems can mark 2D data matrix, 1D and 2D barcodes, or any sequence of characters and numbers on your parts and products.

These days many companies are turning to barcode marking and 2d data matrix marking to provide tracking data on their manufactured parts.  2d data matrix marking has become increasingly popular not only to reduce cost and improve quality, but also to meet many industry standards and government regulations. 

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2D Data Matrix - 1D & 2D Barcodes

1d and 2d barcodes laser marked - click to see laser marking systems

A 1d (one dimensional) barcode represents data in the widths and the spacing of parallel lines.  1d barcodes are commonly used to mark VIN numbers in the automotive industry

A 2d (two dimensional) barcode also represents data and comes in forms of squares, rectangles and dot patterns within an image matrix.  2d barcodes are often referred to as a 2d matrix or 2d data matrix. 


Barcode Reading & Verifying Systems

Utilizing 2d data matrix marking for part tracking and traceability is only half the battle. Having the right reliable ID reader is the other. That is why Schmidt has partnered with Cognex Corporation to be able to supply you with a complete marking, reading and verifying part marking system.

Cognex examples of difficult 2d barcodes their software can read

Barcodes are easy to read when they are a black code marked onto a white background. But it reality, most barcodes can be a challenge to read on certain parts. Cognex Corporation has optimized their readers to ensure continuously high read rates of 1d and 2d barcodes, even in the most challenging direct part mark applications.

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